Warren Pryor By: Alden Nowlan

Who is the speaker?

The speaker is the narrator/ author

What is the point of view?

In this poem the author portrays two different points of views. The parent’s point of view is different from the son’s point of view.

What is the subject? What is the tone?

The subject is freedom. The tone is serious.

What is the mood?

The mood for me is serious and relief.

What images are dominant? Why?

“Like a young bear inside his teller’s cage” It’s dominant because it’s a young boy in a busy place, which means he is very timid and doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence in himself.

What is the theme?

The theme is a boy who had a harsh life. Slavery might have been in he’s past family.

What figurative language is being used?

They are using imagery in majority of the poem.



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